Love Letters DNA Memory Locket, Breastmilk Locket

JoBri Milk Charms

$ 120.00 $ 150.00

Customize your personal Memory Locket with an array of DNA inclusions, all letters available 

DNA Inclusion for Love Letters:




Umbilical Cord

·30mm large size
·twist off top design
·textured shimmer silver stainless steel
·holds up to 7 Love Letters 

20” stainless steel roll chain included 

How to mail Breastmilk and other inclusions here

How to order:

Choose how many love letters you need below 

Select what DNA inclusion you need

(multiple if you are sending different inclusions for different letters)

In the notes at checkout be sure to indicate which letters you need. 
if you chose 3 letters enter as follows

1. A, Breastmilk 

2. H, Ashes

3. D, Breastmilk 

(and so on)


I look forward to creating your special keepsake 

Thank You

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