About the Artist

 My name is Bridgette Boudreaux. I am a breastfeeding mother of two sweet boys, Joey (4) and Jack (2) the sole creator and designer behind JoBri Milk Charms (Joe-Bre) 

    The inspiration for JoBri Milk Charms was born out of my desire to make a  tangible  reminder of bond between mother and child. I wanted to make myself a piece of jewelry from my breastmilk. Each breast feeding experience is unique with different blessings and challenges. I love that it is something mother's  can wear as a beautiful piece of art and privately know the significance of the Milk Charm, life giving and sustaining. When I touch my own jewelry it centers me and brings a sense of peace to my soul, reminding me of my journey and special connection and bond with my children. It opens the door for women to share their journey with others or to keep the significance of the jewelry private.

The process of creating Milk Charms requires a half ounce of breast milk. The process takes about a week from start to finish. I use a unique self taught preservation method that has taken me years to perfect. I chemically preserve your Breastmilk, turning it to stone. From there I am able to create nearly any shape and design. Each milk charm is covered in a jewelers grade resin.  Just like raising children it is a journey and there is no rushing the process. Each creation reflects its own unique color and luminescence. A symbol of each mothers’ journey as breastfeeding moms–a journey filled with sleepless nights and countless quiet moments staring into the eyes of our babes. Milk Charms capture the special bond between a mother and child and in some cases between breast milk donors and mothers in a unique, intimate expression of that bond.

Milk Charms range in color from a cream to a more pearly white, and even the translucency varies , each breastmilk pearl has it's own unique expression and story. The preservation process creates pearls that will not yellow or turn color over time. In honoring the birth process I have also offer umbilical cord and placenta pearl jewelry. These also create a unique finger print of color and completely encapsulated in a scratch resistant jewelers’ grade resin, creating a clear womb you can see through. It is an honor to be able to bless another breast feeding mom with a timeless heirloom that commemorates the special bond between mother and child. I have done a number of pieces for milk donors, what a special way to say thank you to a woman in helping nourish your baby. All of my pieces are inspired from nature as that best represents this journey.

My goal is to keep the jewelry affordable for all moms so I began with sterling silver, woven hemp, birthstones, hand stamped charms and now offer a wide range of solid Gold options as well. The business is  growing and evolving with special requests. I did a custom piece incorporating vintage pearls as part of the design. Currently the sterling silver line ranges from $80 and goes up depending on design and complexity. I am excited and inspired by the response and growth of my business this past year. Going from trying to figure out a way to create breastmilk jewelry for myself years ago,to creating breastmilk pearls for women all over the world has been an exciting journey.

I look forward to working with you, thanks for visiting my shop